My name is Will Thresher and I have recently completed a week’s work experience at Fresh Logistics. I am in year 10 of Landau Forte school in Derby and I enjoy computer science and PE. I want to be an architect, but as one of my friends had already been placed with a local firm, I thought I would go to where my Sister Bethany works. I am actually truly grateful for the experience which was something I thoroughly enjoyed.
My first day I was welcomed in and had a tour of the building, yard and warehouse and introduced to everyone. I was asked to go through the company induction Powerpoint highlighting health and safety.
I then spent the afternoon with Oli learning about two apps called Flickr and Ripl. Flickr is a social media app which allows you to upload and download pictures from your laptop (I downloaded 1,700 photos in the first day) and Fresh are using this as their photo backup. Ripl is a photo editor app that allows you to upload photos from flickr and edit them into a little animation. Oli then allowed me to upload my first Ripl edit and it was interesting to see how many likes we got.
One of the major jobs in the office is ensuring everyone is watered with a major tea and coffee round. I now know that Lauren likes very strong teas and everyone else, but Bethany and Martin, like very strong coffee.
On the second day I was tasked with accompanying Sam and Greg in the yard. I did my first vehicle audit with one of the 18t’s named ‘Tamsin’. The third/fourth day I supported the compliance team by organising the vehicle documentation with their live documents to keep to DVSA (Driver’s Vehicle Standers Agency) standards. Legislation states all vehicle records must have 15 months of live data and documents. This was the timeliest task of my week but understanding the importance of the task kept me focused and my worked was greatly valued.
I have really enjoyed my stay at Fresh Logistics for the 5 days, it has been a wonderful experience to be here and I have learnt so much. I would like to thank all the staff for being so kind to me and I would happily work there again during my school holidays if they’ll have me back!