Maintenance Tips for Refrigerated Vehicles

Here are some maintenance tips to help prolong the life and reduce costs of your refrigerated vehicle;

  1. During loading & unloading, do not leave the refrigeration unit running. Shut it down while your vehicle doors are open to avoid drawing in warm, humid or damp air.
  2. Warm air condenses and freezes on the evaporator coil and associated pipe work, which would disrupt airflow and send the unit into frequent defrost modes.
  3. Shutting the refrigeration off will also reduce noise, fuel consumption and refrigeration costs.
  4. Use the curtains and ensure curtains are clean, damage free and that none are missing.
  5. Prior to every trip review the temperature settings, check coolant and oil levels, assess the locks and seals on the door, evaluate the drains and visually assess the ‘skin’ or walls of the insulated box for cracks and damage.
  6. Periodic inspections and calibration of your refrigeration equipment by qualified engineers is critical to reliability, efficiency and compliance of your refrigerated vehicle
  7. Engineers can diagnose and repair small issues that could become critical ones and catching these quickly will help prolong the life of your vehicle and reduce the costs of the refrigeration unit.
  8. Skilled and trained refrigerated vehicle operators understand that monitoring vehicle changes is the best line of defence against any breakdowns, contamination and temperature outages.
  9. Do not block the airflow for the refrigeration units making the equipment work excessively
  10. Do not run out of diesel, the sediment at the bottom of the tank can fur up the fuelling system