Fresh Logistics once again support Jenny’s fight with Cancer with delivery of frozen Breast Milk to Portugal


Fresh Logistics were incredibly honoured to help Jenny and her fight with Cancer by collecting, collating and delivering frozen Breast Milk ready to de-frost and drink on her holiday location in Portugal.

Jenny, who lives in Australia, was diagnosed with Multiple Melanoma in December 2011. Her son, Matthew who had arranged the transport through Fresh Logistics for the previous 2 years, was once again the orchestrator to have the delivery at the hotel ready for when Mum Jenny arrived and wanted to use the company he knew he could rely on. On the arrival of the Breast Milk in Portugal, Matthew commented ‘Thanks again for your help with this again Oli. I originally rang a few different couriers and you were the only one that showed an interest in what we were doing, and so when we decided to go on holiday again I wanted to use the company I know will successfully get this done efficiently and with a helpful customer service. Love your work guys and thanks again for all your support, Mum was overwhelmed with how well it all went and she has been able to lower her medication dosage as well so tracking along great… hope we can do it all again next year :).’


Jenny’s background was as a Midwife for 45 years and a Lactation Consultant for the last 15 years. She is passionate about supporting mothers who breastfeed and educating about the benefits of Breast Milk for babies. Jenny has always promoted Breast Milk for everyone not just babies because of its amazing healing benefits and biochemistry. Ironically, when the Doctor told her she had cancer of the bone marrow, she knew immediately she would take Breast Milk and document every detail of this process for eventual research. Conventional medicine has played a role in her treatment in the form of medication at times and a stem cell transplant early on after the diagnosis however the Breast Milk has been the mainstay throughout.
Jenny was a founding member of a Milk Bank set up in her area in Australia and immediately contacted the Manager and was given access to the frozen donor milk that was not suitable for premature babies to use. She drinks Breast Milk that does not pass the stringent global guidelines for babies and therefore would be discarded.

She has been taking 300 -400 ml of milk per day for the last 6 years. Jenny benefits from the immune properties in the Breast Milk strengthening her immune system and therefore preventing infection. All the ingredients in Breast Milk benefit the body making it feel very healthy and free of the symptoms of Myeloma including bone pain, fractures, infections, tiredness and the potential for the disease to spread into the bones. Currently Myeloma is incurable therefore she needs to take the Breast Milk daily. It is a commitment that keeps her healthy and with a wonderful quality of life.