We welcomed Ellie to the team just over a month ago and she’s got an update for us on how things have been……


It’s a ‘fresh’ feeling having a job you enjoy…

On the 8th April, I started working as a Transport Planner for Fresh Logistics, something that I had never done before and after only a few weeks I wish I had come across this industry years ago!

It has been a full month of learning, meeting new people and asking a lot of questions.

Luckily, the team here have been more than accommodating in guiding me through my new role. It is refreshing to feel like part of the team so early on, and for me, that makes all the difference in how easy I was able to settle in to new surroundings.

Despite the fact that there are three different working environments to this company: the office team, the drivers and then the maintenance team, I feel like I have had the chance to build a working relationship with everyone, which makes the job just that bit easier!

For me, it is the variety of the job that keeps the role interesting as you never know what you are about to walk into… I am very happy here and extremely glad I got the opportunity to work here.