The EMLC building to appear on Olivetti Building film documentary in 2020

We had some special visitors from Italy last week, a production team called Imago Orbis who are putting together a documentary on the Olivetti buildings around the world. Having recently filmed in both America and Hong Kong, the trip to England has involved visiting Cullinan Studios and an interview with Ted Cullinan, the chief architect in charge of originally designing four unique Olivetti buildings around the UK, with a trip to our HQ (the EMLC) in Derby to view Mr Cullinan’s work. Pietro Cesari from Imago Orbis commented:

We have noticed a remarkable effort to preserve the essential characters of a valuable architecture. Action never taken for granted, especially on industrial buildings, where the needs to upgrade spaces bring often to heavy renovation works and demolitions. A matter of fact that confirm the quality of the Cullinan’s project for an innovative company, which was Olivetti, and underline the merit of the new owner to recognize its importance.

It was a pleasure and a pride to see that the building is nicknamed “Olivetti Building”, and that there was a considerable interest to recreate a little of the spirit that generated the place, exposing the Olivetti’s products.

Four years ago, the idea of bringing the Olivetti Building back to life was presented by Fresh Logistics Managing Director Alan White, who noticed the architectural importance of the building and had a vision of creating a special working environment to create and inspire. Alan assembled a team to restore the building back to its former glory and form a business community to share knowledge and advice under the same roof. The process took 6 months, with not only the building but the grounds requiring emergency remedial assistance prior to moving its first tenants, his temperature controlled solutions firm Fresh Logistics across. Now abundant with SME business offices and training rooms, the building is flourishing and going through it’s next phase of upgrade.

Fresh Logistics welcomed Ted Cullinan, a Royal Gold Medallist, to it’s open day in July 2015, where Mr Cullinan shared his insights to the intricate designs and theories behind the unusual and innovative building. You can see the article still on Cullinan’s website, There is regular hosted tours for both local and national architects still, with lots of history throughout providing a special and rememberable experience.

You can see pictures and offerings on the buildings website, or for further information you can email